July 2021 Update: The band has some new tunes kicking around, plus some full band versions of songs on the acoustic EP that came out during the pandemic. Not sure of when we'll hit the studio again but for now, we have some BIG NEWS!!! LTB will be playing 2 full band shows at MILE OF MUSIC festival at 2 our favorite places to rock. Friday 8/6 at Chadwick's and then Sat 8/7 at Deja Vu, can't wait for that and also keep an eye on the Mile schedule for Eric and Marty playing solo shows as there will be LTB acoustic versions in those as well (and don't forget to watch for them on the bus, that is always a lot of fun trying to see if they fall over while rocking out around a tight turn. In more monster news, we'll be back at OCTOBERFEST this year in our hometown of Appleton!! LTB will play the Razor stage again, this time earlier in the day due to conflicts. As usual keep your eyes peeled to local venues as Eric and Marty will often appear as Leading the Blind Duo and do some small pop up acoustic shows around town which may get more frequent as things continue to open up. We can't wait to see you soon!!

November 2019 Update: Appleton Love at Octoberfest. Thanks to all that came down the chilly side street to catch some original rock during a predominantly cover band fest. Good times were had, and LTB threw down 4 cover tunes for the festival set which had never been played before. These were the first covers ever performed by LTB. Mile of Music was as righteous as ever and hopefully you caught the awesome show at Deja Vu with our pals Lemon Sky from Indy! As the holiday season keeps some members away a bit from writing and rehearsing, Eric and Marty are cooking up something in the Krueger barn and we hope to release some news on that before too long!

April 2019 Update: WOW! What a great night with huge support from you all. Packing Rock Garden Studio to hear the new album in it's entirety with a few others thrown in & even a track from the 20 year old BLIND album! Stayed tune a big announcement in the near future and maybe stop by The Exclusive Co. to pick up the new CD!


March 2019 Update: ALBUM RELEASE! New songs in the player on this site. The new CD "Everywhere I've Been" is available and we are planning a fun night to celebrate it at Rock Garden Studio where it was recorded. Saturday April 13th, 8pm. $10 will get you entry and there will be free drinks, special reduced price on the CD, a special edition LTB Wine glass for drinking free wine. Free snacks, etc. Doors open at 7pm and music at 8pm including the band playing the entire new album and maybe some additional tracks to round out the evening.


January 2019 Update: The new CD has been pressed, looking for release dates/shows. Check out the player on this page for the first song "Wasted Time" we leaked and has been getting played on local radio.

November 2018:
 The new album is mixed and ready to go, working on artwork and it should be out before too long! The new album is titled "Everywhere I've Been" and we will post some updates when we finish the artwork and get CD production setup. We also are planning a fun release show similar to what we did for the last album so stay tuned for details on that. Meanwhile here is the track list for the new album...
1- Wasted Time
2- Don't Ask Me Why
3- The Lucky Ones
4- I Can't Tell You Why
5- Shallow Grave
6- Mexico
7- Strange Soldier
8- My Mistake
9- No Better
10- The Recluse (acoustic)


Thanks to Marc Golde and his fantastic team for putting out such a professional looking product and promoting our local bands/artists in Wisconsin. ROCK GARDEN LIVE broadcast our performance in February and will be coming up again in reruns this summer/fall.


Kudos for our album artwork to the legendary Chad Brady and Josh Martines, they gave us some stunning images for our album layout. Chad recently had his own DAY dedicated to him in Appleton, and there are guided walked scheduled around town to see all his famous murals around town. Definitely check out his amazing work. (www.facebook.com/cebradyart)


Also check out the new video shot by our recording wizard friend Marc Golde during our epic CD Release show, shot in the round in the very room that we recorded the new album




And a couple new live shots from Mill Creek thanks to Heather Landers


April 2015: Some great, new photos from our friend Joe Arena on the site, some new videos and some upcoming shows. Also this first new promo shot was done by none other than our friend David Jackson.



Working with Marc Golde at Rock Garden Studio in Appleton, WI the band completed it's latest CD "Into the Modern Wasteland" in late March 2013. Marc had an idea to make a music video while recording songs for the new album, this track called THE BLACK IN GREY was captured while we recorded the tracks and vocals. Much thanks to Marc for creating such a great capture of this new track written about the darker parts of our fair city. We had such a great experience that we are recording the new album at the new Rock Garden Studios this time around as well.




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