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Our new LP in glorious RED vinyl! Available now at our local Exclusive Company location in Appleton.

New tunes! So many new songs, not even sure which ones will make this record but the guys are prepping more for another studio visit, should be out this fall (-ish).

The Weight Has Been Lifted (live @ Rock Garden Studios, Appleton 10-17-2015 CD Release Show)

The Weight Has Been Lifted (live @ Mill Creek, Appleton 1-16-2015)


Intentions (live @ Octoberfest, Appleton 9-7-2014)

No Time (live @ The Great Unknown Radio Launch Party 2-7-2014)

Troublemaker (live @ Mile of Music 8-9-2013)

cell fish (live @ Mile of Music 8-8-2013)

Anger & Sorrow (live @ Mile of Music 8-8-2013)

No Happy Endings (live @ CD Release show 4-26-2013)

The Black in Grey (live Rock Your Cause 9-14-2012)

 Nice Try  (live 4-17-2011)

the man (live Rock Your Cause 9-14-2012)


cell fish (live 5-22-2011)

Do you remember when.... LTB was originally known as BLIND which included Jim Van Hout and Keif Shaw along with Marty. Here are some classic videos of that lineup...

No Time

The End of the World


cell fish